a (long) introduction of sorts

Hi, and welcome to grace, uninterrupted! And before you ask, my blog title is lowercase for aesthetic purposes. Now that I got that out of the way, we can move on!

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Some photos of me doing what I do best – cozying up to cardboard cutouts of Frank Sinatra, and looking down at cups of coffee to seem bashful and cute

If you are familiar with late 90s films and pop culture, you will have figured out by now that the title of this blog is based on Girl, Interrupted. If you got the reference, congratulations! I’m assuming that you love Winona Ryder and all of her films up until her ill-fated trip to Saks in the early 2000s and rekindled said love when you binge-watched Stranger Things in two days this past summer.

Anyway…after many attempts with Blogger, I decided at the ripe old age of nineteen that it was time for me to make the grown-up switch to WordPress. Now, note that this was a big deal for me. Call it a milestone, if you’re feeling generous. I have been using Blogger since I was eleven years old, when I was deep in my Webkinz phase, but mind you at thirteen I had moved on to writing about Robert Pattinson, my distaste of middle school dances, and you guessed it, Winona Ryder films (at that time in my life, Heathers and Reality Bites were sacred to me). I also wrote about fun outings with my friends which included buying smoothies at Edible Arrangements and scoring free chocolate-covered strawberries, then going to CVS to look at Seventeen and peruse the makeup aisles. Ah, to be young. Now instead of filling my small frame with smoothies I have since upgraded to coffee, and nothing has been the same. Especially my bank account.

Last August, which unbeknown to me was my last time with Blogger (side note: thank you Blogger for putting up with all of my shenanigans), I started a blog about dividing my time between Ohio and New York when I left for college, appropriately titled grace on the hill (also lowercase for aesthetic purposes…okay, moving on). My life did a complete 180 this past summer and to make a long story short, I no longer go to college in Central New York, which is a fun topic for another day. Since so many things in my life were changing, I decided to take a break from writing for a while – mostly because it was so hard for me to write, even if I wanted to. On top of what I was already dealing with, it was an awful thing to go through – turning my back on something that provided me strength and solace for most of my life. But as that tired saying goes, time heals all wounds. I eventually fell back in love with writing and realized that it’s not right for me to be silent and sad when I have so much to say! Which meant the creation of grace, uninterrupted. Obviously when you’re trying to get your life together, one of your main priorities should be starting a new blog. So here I am, world! (Maybe I should call this blog how grace got her groove back……..let me know)

I’ve grown so much as a writer in this past year of my life – from journaling to going to college to study the art of writing itself to writing essays of all different genres and academic categories to my work on grace on the hill – and I’m thankful for everything I’ve learned not only from professors and other writers, but myself. Writing has taken me on such an incredible journey that led me to this point – starting a new, better blog where I don’t have to limit the variety of my content. I’m going rant, reflect, and rave unapologetically (alright, maybe I’ll throw in a few disclaimers here and there) about people, places and things that I’m passionate about – as often as I please. When I write, I can be honest, self-deprecating, poignant, or humorous so the content of this blog will vary. And I can’t wait to see what this blog turns into and how readers will respond to it. I already have so many ideas for posts and essays, and I can’t wait to get started.

Those of you who know me well know that I’m not one to keep things short and sweet (just ask my boyfriend – I can turn a “5 minutes tops” phone call into a 17 minute phone call easily) which is why this blog post is so long.

On that note, welcome, I love you, and thank you for reading this far! I’ll try my best to avoid run-on sentences in the future.

Love, Grace

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